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We support special needs & those who have struggled through adversity to find their talents in the healing power of music and the arts. 100% of proceeds go back to those who listed each item. Details in descriptions.

  • #WildlifeRescueNexus

    Shop for a cause by supporting the Ark Wildlife Care and Sanctuary of Hilliard Florida. 100% of proceeds go back to supporting feed for the animals. Ark rescues injured and wrongly imprinted and abandoned animals that are unfit to be released back into the wild. They act as a shelter and conservatory for these animals for life. This is why we love them and have transformed our organization to help support their community along the way.

    Learn more at Ark Support Info

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100% of the profits from these items go back into the marketing... 

Ark Wildlife Care and Sanctuary

100% of proceeds go directly to feed the animals at The Ark...