Collection: Free Spirit Jewelry & Crafts

My name is Stacie, and I love to make things. I'm the owner of “Free Spirit” Jewelry & Crafts.  “Free Spirit” was created to share all my fun creations with all of you! I like to make people smile, I like to design and make random cool things and I love the outdoors. In addition to jewelry, painting, and other multi-media craft and arts, I also create video content in a variety of areas (music videos, fundraisers, event announcements, et.) Here at Free Spirit Jewelry & Crafts, I can incorporate all my passions here together in one space.  

Be sure to like and follow me, you just never know when you may need a little extra happiness in your life. 

 I also help support RadioCave and the Foundation of Families create gifts and gear for our community shop. 

See ya around. 

Much Love & Light, 

~Stacie B.