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RadioCave & Foundation of Families: Harmonizing Healing and Hope

At the heart of RadioCave and the Foundation of Families lies a profound commitment to healing through the harmonious blend of music and the arts. Our purpose extends beyond mere entertainment; we are a beacon for those with special needs and those grappling with adversity. 


Through the power of education, awareness, and philanthropic endeavors, we forge an environment brimming with love, validation, and unwavering support. This nurturing atmosphere allows individuals to blossom, fostering a positive outlook and an invigorated zest for life.


In our journey of giving back, we ensure that the essence of our community spirit shines through every endeavor. Our artists and our organization engage selflessly in charity events, with no financial gain, ensuring that every penny of donations received is channeled directly to our partnered charities. This unwavering dedication to altruism is why we leverage platforms like Facebook for our fundraising initiatives.


As a disability-owned, publicly supported, educational non-profit, RadioCave Corporation adheres strictly to 501(c)3 / 509(a)2 guidelines. Our mission is to embrace individuals of all abilities, connecting through both online and in-person activities. These vibrant interactions are broadcasted across various digital platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch, bringing our message of unity and empowerment to a global audience.


Your support is the lifeblood of our endeavors. It is the catalyst that enables RadioCave & the Foundation of Families to thrive and expand our impact. Our dream is to host magnificent events that are not just gatherings but catalysts for inspiration, education, and empowerment for people of all abilities. We envision a world tour with our art and music caravan, spreading joy and serenity in every corner of the globe. Our ultimate goal is to host an annual World’s Healing Fair, a grand celebration of unity and community spirit.


In today's digitally-connected era, the power of community support cannot be overstated. Each charity collaboration we undertake is imbued with clear objectives and a vision, fueling our passion and drive. Through our online community and philanthropic events, we aim to create ripples of positive change that reach far and wide.


Every purchase in our online marketplace directs all proceeds either directly to the artists or to wildlife conservation, as specified. 


For volunteer opportunities, artist promotions, event exposure or general questions, contact nic@radiocave.org

"RadioCave", "Foundation of Families" and "Where2Groove" are trademarks of the RadioCave Non-profit Corporation.
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EDU. Based Public Charity


Board of Directors includes:
President: Nicholas S. Seigel
Vice President: Christian Craven "Deejay Crave"
Treasurer: Penfield Hondros
Sr. Director: Nicholas Rocha "DJ Energy"
Vice President of Digital Arts: Stacie Burns
Chief Technical Officer: Patrick Burns
TBD: Steve Strobe
TBD: Carla J. Ely