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RadioCave & the Foundation of Families promote healing through music and the arts by supporting special needs and those facing adversity. Through education, awareness, and charitable events, we create a supportive and uplifting environment where people can interact and receive the love, validation and support they need to develop a positive outlook and zest for life.


At RadioCave, we prioritize giving back to the community. As a result, our artists and the organization itself do not receive any compensation from our charity events, and 100% of all donations are always directed to our partnered organizations. This is why we base our fundraisers on Facebook.


The RadioCave Corporation is a disability-owned, publicly funded, and educational non-profit organization. We comply with 501©3 / 509(a)2 regulations. Our mission is to work with individuals of all abilities through online and in-person community activities. We broadcast these activities live through various online platforms like Facebook, YouTube & Twitch.


We need your support to keep RadioCave & the Foundation of Families alive and thriving. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of many people around the world. We have a vision of hosting amazing events that will inspire, educate and empower people of all abilities. We have a dream of traveling the world with our art and music caravan, spreading joy and peace wherever we go. We have a goal of organizing a yearly world’s healing fair, where we can celebrate our community unity. 


At RadioCave, we understand how vital community support is, especially in today's world where we rely on online platforms to connect with others. That's why we establish new objectives for each charity we collaborate with, giving us a clear vision and motivation. Through our online community and charitable events, we aim to create a positive impact that will spread and reach people globally.


Support Our Artists and Saving Wildlife:
Every purchase all proceeds go directly to the artist, or the Ark as specified in the descriptions.
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Will you join us in ending the sorrow and building a better tomorrow?


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Foundation of Families: (6/15/2023)
A Lady Like PAC
AJ Keyser
Amber Leigh Melby
Ananga Martin
Blue Flame Creations
Colleen McMillian
Courtney Fraser
Crystal Couturier
DeeJay Crave
Dominik Audio & The Chop Shop SF
Juicy Junglist & the Earthdance Florida Crew
Emily Potter & Jason Brown
Energy Rocha
Fraktured SF/Nation
GimiK's of GimiK's Playhouse
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Jacquie Catone w/ Jaxx Classy Jewelry
Jenna Gilmore
Joy Smiles Art
Keith Benschine
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Laura Medley & the Geishaz
Laura O'brien / AuraShine
Laura Rose Misaras
Louisa & Ruby MOSS
Lucie Lynch
Mark Friedman
Melissa Terrio-Gaulke
Mike Adkins
Mind Seed & SubRosa
Nathalie & Kyle Ann Field
Pacha Magda
Paul Clark Project, The
Paul Hurrell
Phreak Recordings
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Steve Strobe & Vibration Station
Steven Tolbert
UGC Radio Live Lounge
We Get Lifted Radio & Podcast
Dj Love Lee
Jason Vorhees
Kristen Joye Raughley & PLJ Dreamcatchers

For volunteer opportunities, artist promotions, event exposure or general questions, contact us at www.radiocave.org/contact


In association with the RadioCave Corporation© (501(c)3)
DONATION ID 86-3461052
EDU. Based Public Charity


Board of Directors includes:
President: Nicholas S. Seigel
Vice President: Christian Craven "Deejay Crave"
Treasurer: Penfield Hondros
Sr. Director: Nicholas Rocha "DJ Energy"

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