Collection: Geishaz


From the crew:

"The GEISHAZ began with 5 local Miami female djs, KAPRAH, IQ, LAURA D, MEDLEY and LADY T. Each of them are underground djs that have been in this industry locally since the mid-nineties. Since it’s inception, the GEISHAZ have networked with other female djs / artists and added several to the crew in the past years. All of the GEISHAZ of have to fit the criteria of being respected, loyal, strong and REAL women that have each held their local scene down as amazing DJs.

2016 marked our 10 year anniversary. We have a new logo, website and we plan to contact all the other female djs from our prior site that resided all over the globe. Please contact us if we have not reached out to you, we probably have out-dated contact info.

This website consists of individual profiles, pictures and downloadable promos material for each artist. Our main purpose is to create a network of female artists to support and promote each other."