"Embrace of Dawn: A Journey in Morning Light"

"Embrace of Dawn: A Journey in Morning Light"

In the quiet whispers of the morning light,
where the sea meets the sky in a tranquil sight,
a new day unfurls with gentle grace,
in this serene, harmonious place.


Stand on shores where dreams are born,
bathed in hues of a sunlit morn,
every wave sings a hopeful tune,
under the watch of the waning moon.


With open arms, embrace the day,
let your worries drift away,
in this moment, let your spirit soar,
for each dawn promises something more.


In the light of this brand new day,
find your path, your own unique way,
for in each sunrise, bright and clear,
lies the chance to overcome any fear.


#PoetryHeals #UnityPoetry

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