Who are we???


We are The Smoke Break Crew! Why are we called this? Most members have had their world premiers and developed some of their skills and presence from,

The Best of Breaks Awards Nominated Show on NsbRadio
Not because all of us
Smoke and promote it!

We have come together to be a part something bigger than ourselves. So we can learn from one another and help each other move forward!
But why us? We all want to help enrich the world with music and fun times. Tell our stories through our music.

To share our passion with as many that will have us. We’re here for each other! We’re here for you! We are a family and we stronger together!
Now, members are not required to contribute and may not be active in crews day to day. But everyone’s heart is in it! 

But if you want to know who we are..?
We are DJ’s
We are Producers
We are Promoters
We are Singers
We are Hip Hop Vocalists
We are Radio Hosts
We are Break Beat Masters
We are House Gangsters
We are Electro
We are Electric
We are,

About Us


DJ Tokz

Current member of EDM Syndicate
Founder of The Smoke Break Crew
Host of the radio shows
Smoke Break with DJ Tokz--Now with a show nominated in Best of Breaks Awards for best radio- show/DJ Set featuring-
DJ Losman!!
2 Steps Ahead, brought to you by- EDM Syndicate,
Smoke Break From COAST2COAST
On the All Mighty NsbRadio.Co.Uk
Has Overcome Multiple Spinal Surgeries, learning how to walk again! A pretty nasty brain injury that lasted nearly 3.5yrs!
After all that and about 12? yrs away from the music industry, DJ Tokz is making a comeback! Share in the fun!!!
With a unique mixing style, DJ Tokz
Lights up the Dance-floors and Airwaves with an eclectic plethora of booty shaking beats and a vibe that’s absolutely contagious!!!
🤙🏼❤️🔊DJ Tokz AKA
Timothy Penfold Schmidt


A Lady Like P.A.C.

A Lady LIke P.A.C.
DJ @ The Smoke Break Crew
Breakbeats, Funky Breaks

Old Skool Breakbeat freak. Anything funky, head boppin', ass shakin'. I just love the music, it's been a fun hobby for many years!
Texas transplant from the west coast of Florida. Full disclosure: I’m a product of the Florida rave scene. My influences were and still are-, DJ Icey, Kimball Collins, Baby Anne, Monk, Three, T-Confucious (of Rabbit in the Moon), D-Extreme, Chris Fortier, Cosmic Baby, Dave Seaman, R-Fresh, Hardware, Huda Hudia, Sandy, Trip Theory, Rainbow Bridge, Spacemen, Rick West (RIP), Sharaz, Paul Santana, Huda Hudia, Wes Smith...and on and on. B-Nice played at my birthday party the year before I left Florida. I love Florida! And as someone said a few years back...


Christian Craven aka Deejay Crave is a Jacksonville, Florida based dj that started spinning on vinyl in 98'. He spun on the one's and two's at clubs and events all across the United States running from Virginia, DC, TN, MS, LA, and back to Florida. 

Main influences are Dj Qbert. Dj Magic Mike, Dj Shadow, BT, Aphrodite, Huda Hudia, Eros and R Fresh.  Known for crazy drops n unique intros. He's the newest member of Smoke Break Crew, and is considered true family. 

Super grounded, honest n humble dj that plays drum n bass / jungle, breakbeat / electro & hip hop / trap. His goal is to make people feel better even if just for a moment and dance even if just in their head. 

#PeaceLoveUnityRespect - Much Love, Crave 

More Crew Profiles Coming Soon

Broadcasting & Live Chat

The Smoke Break Crew will be broadcasting directly to this page and player, during live performance for all.

No login required, no payment required, simply press play on the player below and the chatroom is under that.

This is just another way RadioCave brings our community together by creating stages for all to be seen and heard, spreading love & light to all.

Our Schedule of live shows will be posted here


The Smoke Break Crew Live

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