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Global Star Alliance will be become a member support society 501(c10) that will bring the return of the "Worlds Fair", WITH special needs 100% included, and the organization will transport/fly globally those with travel/mobility needs to this yearly event free of charge & will work with each individual on a one to one basis to make sure if you want to attend, you can.  GSA will work with individuals to provide airfare for those whom may want to attend, however financially, not able to afford flying.  The event will be extremely large and complete with sponsors, investors, philanthropist, major business, pharmaceutical & military “public” involved.

The amount of learning, technology, clientele & by being a member support society will give GSA the ability to perform the transport charity mentioned above.  This way our festival literally will pay for you to attend yearly.

It will attract a number of financial institutions and it will be setup to not only display/highlight/sell technology & science but also develop social skills for any number of special needs.  This festival will allow for the exchange and purchase of major world changing ideas and allow all countries to be involved, non-judgement w/ complete acceptance.

This is our Galactic Nexus, it includes all.   No one left behind, this event is our global calling of Ohana. (family)

(Investor, Philanthropist, Sponsor
Opportunities Available : Please Call 352-460-5719 or message direct to Approx 5 yr business plan

--Original Description:
Global Star Alliance is an entity that is dedicated to creating & maintaining the relationships both personal & business required to create, maintain and expand our worlds views and reach by introducing a new age next generations world fair.  Something like never before, taking the concepts of the worlds fair from the mid 50’s and applying it to every country on Earth.  The vision of Global Star Alliance is to create, a new futuristic & astonishing 7 day event showcasing technology, culture, science, innovations & so much more, including  a mega universal sage burning event that starts the fair, with sage donated from each country participating in the fair.  This is to be known as our “Galactic Nexus” and will be how we show the rest of the world we are ready to act as one family.