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Sebastien Feuga

Sébastien Feuga is a singer-songwriter based in New Rochelle, New York. He has been composing and performing original tunes since he picked up his first guitar at age 15, in 2005, as well as arranging songs his students or he himself want to play so that they may be adapted to their play-style.


Sébastien's goal is to change the world, to heal the Earth, by bringing his uplifting and faith-building music and its messages to those who need to hear it. Of course, this goal can only be achieved by growing a proper audience. All that Sébastien asks of you is that you pass his music along to even just one person you think could make use of it, for the benefit of all on this Earth. And of course, he thanks you for doing this.

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Lucie Lynch

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 International singer/songwriter and recording artist, originally from Hamburg. She’s released 3 albums and has performed on television and radio throughout Europe and the United States. 

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Lucie Lynch is a Singer-songwriter who fled the rainy skies of Hamburg, Germany to live on the sunny beaches of Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Lucie & The Perfect Wave: 

Part Joni Mitchell, part Florence & The Machine, and part Pink Floyd, Lucie & The Perfect Wave's throwback sound has been described as

MONEY TALKS but what is it saying? 

 MONEY TALKS is the wildly true story of two women artists trying to work through their financial issues by writing a Broadway musical about money.  


Ananga Martin

 Ananga Martin’s music is reflective of her journey from a young girl in the orange groves and mountains of Southern California, to the soft, lush hills of West Virginia.  Her songs are born from her connection to Mother Nature, both within and without.  She loves to explore the landscape of the heart, dreams, and the sacredness of walking the human path on this Earth. 

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AuraShine @aurashines8

  Laura Sorenson
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 Unique/Folky/Groove Aura is a singer/songwriter who plays acoustic bass, baritone ukulele, harmonica, hand drums & keys. Original songs along with several diverse covers. Member of Fennel Creek Band & AuraShine



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Colleen McMillian

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 Creative Medicine Woman and Musician. Creativity Heals. Reawaken the artist within you ♥

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IG: @colleencreativehealing 

Musician and Creative Medicine Woman
Colleen McMillian’s medicine songs are a blend of chant, world, folk, downtempo and dance, which she uses as a conduit to help uplift and potentiate the spiritual evolution of all beings.

Colleen McMillian is a musician and creative medicine woman, and the owner of Texas Pine Music (BMI). Through partnership with the spirits of music and the sacred plants of the earth, it is her mission to help uplift and potentiate the spiritual evolution of all beings through connecting people to their inner child and the playfulness of their unique creative voice. Creative fulfillment can be an integral part of every person’s life.


Sunni Leilani

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Poetry In Motion Motivated By Unconditional Love 

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SUNNI Leilani Justice For The People Folk Musician @lanakilalove 

She Believes That Justice For the People is Directly Related To How We Treat the Water the Earth & All Life Her Music is Her Poetry Set To Melody & Created In Love 

I Believe If We Connect to the Water Within Us We Connect to the Sacred Being Of All Life It's Our Ancient Love Story  



Betsy Greene Schaefer

I am a music medicine woman. I synthesize my spiritual journey and the love and the healing that i have gathered into notes and sounds and story and song. My mission is to set myself free. And to help set you free in the process. 


   "To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong."      -Joseph Chilton Pearce 

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More from Betsy coming soon.


Nico Moore

Love is the movement. 

At times life seemed far from picture perfect but i am feeling the pain and struggle is all worth it, every thing happening for a specific reason people grow to the sun like plants and evolve like the seasons im believing if the sun wasn't shining or moon beaming nothing on this earth would be living or even breathen so everyday i thank luv for the thing that im seeing on this beautiful planet i call home, its so amazing what we can do with the brains in our domes we can help change the planet our children cant wait we have to separate the real from the fake fill our selves with luv by understanding our hate, every moment that passes is a new opportunity to come together in peace and gather in unity


  • "our relationship is our gift from God, what we do with it is our gift to God"
    fear and caution are two different things, be caution-be conscious-but do not be fearful for fear only paralyze ,while consciousness mobilizes, be mobilized,not paralyzed " neale donald walsch

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