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This site serves as a virtual "home port" for our global networks of allied community benefit organizations.  Perhaps bookmark our site
and return if you are seeking support from our beautiful creations...the site dimensions expand for activated user accounts and the various tiers of MemberShip types. This is a Mutual Benefit Society dedicated to support the arts in advocacy, education,research & development, and inspired activism that promote an engaged & resilient community wellness for a life of Grace on Earth.  

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The Smoke Break Crew

We are The Smoke Break Crew! Why are we called this? Most members have had their world premiers and developed some of their skills and presence from,
The Best of Breaks Awards Nominated Show on NsbRadio
Not because all of us
Smoke and promote it!

We have come together to be a part something bigger than ourselves. So we can learn from one another and help each other move forward!
But why us? We all want to help enrich the world with music and fun times. Tell our stories through our music.
To share our passion with as many that will have us. We’re here for each other! We’re here for you! We are a family and we stronger together!
Because their lives are very demanding and I only list active at the moment Members on ads
But if you want to know who we are..?

Bazaar Art Studio 

 Our mission is to provide art and entertainment for the community and a conduit to the community for artists. We exist to meet the needs of local artists by educating the community in whole about local art, artists and art events. Our mission is to utilize and bring the creative process to people of all ages and backgrounds, and to empower them to turn to art for personal growth.

Through our workshops, classes, exhibitions, and community outreach, we encourage everyone to explore art as an arena for reflection and creative play. We invite you to reconnect with your own creativity while making and enjoying art alongside others. Art empowers you to bring meaningful change into your life and out to your community. 

Emily Potter's Lightworker Musicians Tribe

 My name is Emily Potter. I am the director of The Million Kisses Foundation and a full time "gift economy" acoustic folk musician. I am originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, and have been traveling internationally as a musician since I quit my day job on April 17, 2015. I take my audience on a one hour "dream walk" concert which acts as a spiritual ceremony connecting my audiences to their soul's purpose. I provide original music and storytelling as the soundtrack of the meditative journey.