The Unity of Creation

The Unity of Creation

Unity is the creation of things to come,
and if we all work hard & focus to become one,
a force of nature will be done,
and through the creation a new nation,
we will rise like the sun.


Something spiritual, 
and religious has come.

I'm talking about the Golden One.

A rule that supersedes all man's laws, 
and no matter what you believe,
it was given to all.


A life without strife, 
a beacon standing tall,
a shining example of each,
lays inside us all.


No more judging or division will be done,
we have come to far,
and worked too hard to not enjoy the sun.


Whether you are the meek,
or you seek the flame,
it does not matter because,
life can be our gain.


We will work with one another,
to fix this earth,
our celestial mother.


Then as a society, 
humanity will have done,
what it needed to reach the stars,
and realize we have won.

(Written Oct/18/2021©)

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