Our promise to community.

Our promise to community.

We support special needs and those who have struggled through adversity to find their talents in the healing power of music and the arts; through education, awareness & advocacy w/ charitable events that create a happy, uplifting atmosphere where all people can interact & receive the validation, love & support, needed.

With this structure RadioCave would be a cycle of give and return. In 3 and 1/2 years we took the first steps and built a community and website home.

Now with our marketplace fully powered by Shopify we have everything that we need and adhere to all standards and regulations. (All policies are on the footer of our page.)

Our promise to commitment is on the "RadioCave Community Support" collection of items, $1 from each purchase goes to the Wheels of Hope Orphanage in Uganda AND $1 goes to support the Epilepsy Association (former of Central Florida). Items from other artist or crafters, will have a designated portion in their details.

More company related history and bits of information coming soon..

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