Love is the soul's light.

Love is the soul's light.

Through the night our soul shines bright. 


Like a beacon lighting the way, 
and giving others a path to stay. 


Be true to your soul in flight,
and learn about this life & its delight. 


No matter your troubles, 
no matter how hard you perceive, 
they are not permanent through infinity, 
others struggle similar, even the same, 
some even more, 
this poverty is insane. 


Rid yourself of lust, envy & ego to see, 
how they have been propagated, 
and damaged our society. 


Filling your ego's delight, 
causes nothing but shallow regrets, 
and blinding sights. 


Our generation will end this greed! 
We will end the suffering as this is our creed. 
No more war, 
no more do we bleed, 
if fact now, we work together, 
to make sure everyone may choose to be free. 


Created by the old kings, 
queens, lords and barons all the same. 
They should be ashamed, 
as our lives are not a game. 


We are not "sheep'le", 
we are the ones who built their steeples. 


Do not call us a herd, 
we are not cattle and refuse to be deterred. 


Our community like a lion, 
will soon have its mane. 


Everything passes in time, 
including our body, 
our mind, 
our bloodline, 
and last name. 


Giving new generations, 
the ability to heal our earth, 
and create new land, 

like a phoenix, 
our children will have a re-birth, 
starting with our hands. 

(Originally Written Oct 19th, 2021©)

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