I was lost

I was lost

I was lost, and for many years I wondered,
what use was I...
I pondered...


Then one day,
I experienced something true.
An idea came to me,
and felt like something I already knew.


Art, music, and poetry, 
for all of you.
Coming from our foundation for charity,
we will do.


I love this community,
and what it has done,
you gave me my life back,
and now I am one.


Whole again if never before,
now I write poetry,
that I hope you adore.


I know that when I wake,
I think of you,
I hope before you sleep,
you had a good day too.


I'm building this foundation,
to help all people,
I want to give our world,
a heart shaped steeple.


we can all understand,
every heart,
and from every land.


Through our combined actions,
we will no longer collide.


We will work though our confusion & anger,
to explore our inside.


in this day & age,
the more who follow our page,
allow more support to calm the rage.


Blessings to you,
for all you do,
I hope these words,
brings luck to you.

(Written Apr/24/2022 ©) 

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