#AHealingNexus Please help me manifest by sharing to your friends and family who would be interested in learning more about RadioCave and our plans for the future to support special needs and increase the interaction of our planet by providing to those whom need.

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Opportunities Available : Please Call 352-460-5719 or message direct to

(Monthly fundraiser for epilepsy - example)

A Healing Nexus is a Series of workshops dedicated to giving the public a chance to interact by making monthly environments through visual, musical, interactions, meditations, art, fitness, community learning & social skills can be nourished in a neutral environment.

Our goal is to make a calming, relaxing environment where people can partake in a naturally wholesome series of activities with a goal of alleviating stress and allowing the participant to truly relax and let go of the daily problems and thought processes.

This basically means each 4 hour release is a guided session for people to wonder between absorbing the sounds, sights, smells, and imagery of love, peace, harmony, and wisdom.

These 4 hour session's will have a professional instructor for basic classes in yoga, dance, singing, fitness & flexibility, open mic for public speakers, community art, and community meditation, certified reiki healing sessions, certified sound healing sessions, and various other healing modalities.

An Informational booth for "Our Bodies, The Batteries of Life" nutritional reminders and important things to know. 

We will also have a food vendors.

When possible, we will have our "Late Night Theater, w/ Chinese Water/Air Candle Release Ceremony, and Sacred Fire and Drum Circle for philosophic reflection and generative, poetic words with meaning to finalize the night.

To supplement event income, we will be having various art & activity raffles each day, and of course we will be taking donations, with designated portions going toward the charity benefiting from the event each month. It will be labeled and designated that with each aspect of sales, only after charity has been made & our artists have been paid, RadioCave will be made.

Creation of 10000+ sq ft venue with Teachers, instructors, practitioners of various types of

1. yoga
2. dancing
3. music (live performance eclectic & more)
4. martial arts
5. public speaking
6. community art
7. group meditation
8. sound healing
9. reiki healing
10. various healing modalities
11. a ambient/chillout room
12. mediums of all sorts
13. vendors for food
14. various arts & crafts
15. aroma therapy booth (if indoors)
16. booths dedicated to various technique to mediate stress
17, Henna tatto art & face painting
18. nutritional booths to learn about "Our Bodies, The Batteries of Life"
19. "Saving the Planet" booths to highlight recent activities helping to stop global warming and pollution like the bans on straws and once use plastic bags.

This booth will display optimistic things that are actually happening instead of focusing on what is not happening.

This event would also have a select number of open vendor slots available following the theme each month.
We will also be broadcasting live to our YouTube and facebook pages for our family members whom may have mobility concerns. Video participation is free, only will require pre-registration.

Think of it as a healing fair /w an art gallery, music entertainment, education & late-night theater all in one, being intertwined for a spectacular public event that benefits a local charity each month.

(if for a theme of epilepsy for example we would have no flashing lights and we would also have a 30 min panel or two of people qualified to speak about epilepsy. I would like to have a CBD information if possible depending on location.)

This is all approximation. We could have multi day events, it all depends on the community & theme.

1st Morning: Runs about 8-12 (4 hours ON')
1 & 1/2 hours off.
2nd Midday: Runs 1:30-5:30 (4 hours ON')
-----1 eight hour work day at this point-----
1 & 1/2 hours off
3rd Night/Ceremony : Runs 7-3am (5 hours ON')
(all vendors will pay a % to the charity that is partaking in the theme each month)

The night session will include fire, hoop, and flow artists
as well as drum tribes and drum circles for closing ceremonies.

If water is available later night water ceremonies can be provided if the appropriate teachers and practitioners are attending.

The days sessions are priced the same but the night session includes much more activities in the way of tribe performances and is more of a late night theater as well. The late night session will be more for entry.

We find food vendors or if indoors at a hotel or something maybe they have a food vendor on site.

Because once you pay you will get a band and allow for people to come and go as they please for their session we should not have to need an excessive amount of Porta Potties or bathrooms.

(unless we do this on someone land, then we need those porto's. If someone has a couple acres of land that would be great too.

Music will be tailored to the environment each time, and the night session is considered a larger emphasis on music specifically.

I believe in creating new experiences naturally through art & music. By creating stimulating environments for all to explore. All while giving to charity at every turn. We believe in love & acceptance & those things start with the self, and in the heart.

I wanted everyone to see what our monthly goals, for charity events are so I updated this post and shared for all to read.

To make is quick and clear, RadioCave individual company to one day replace government disability for my epilepsy. It is also a funding source for "The RadioCave Foundation" which will become an educational non profit in support of all disabilities, and Global Star Alliance which will be become a member support society that will bring the return of the "Worlds Fair", WITH special needs 100% included, and the organization will transport, fly those with travel/mobility needs to this yearly global event. No one left behind, this event is our galactic global calling of Ohana. (family)


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